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Our goal is to deliver the best advertising services.

We continue to find the best solutions to keep up with fast-paced
consumers and the ever-changing nature of the Internet.

Our team of digital marketing consultants will work with you
to maintain top custom solutions for your marketing needs.

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What We Do

The Working Process

Our marketing consultants work hard to give you the best audience and highest user engagement.
We are always making sure your account is optimized for maximum performance.

Research paints
a detailed picture
of your audience.


We build strategies
for our clients with
no interruption.


Deployment of your
campaign is a vital
key to success.


Live monitoring helps
us constantly give
you the best results.



Whether you're looking for engagement or branding we have the right traffic
for your needs. Or, If conversions are your objective, look no further.

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Our Traffic is backed by all the major verification platforms. IAS, Forensiq and Double Verify are leaders in fraud detection and prevention and we use them exclusively for our users.

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Octane ad servers are configured to target based on Geo, Os , Device, Browser, time of day and even keywords, we are constantly adding new targeting methods for optimized results.

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Advertising Managers

All accounts are assigned an advertising manager who's sole purpose is to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized for best performance and profitable for you.


Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call is a form of of lead generation where advertisers pay publishers for qualified calls. The publishers host ads either offline or online that can help track performance with a unique phone number that track the performance of the ad. Both advertisers and affiliate publishers can benefit from this type of performance marketing due to the fact the lead is live and in real time.

The purpose of Pay Per Call is for publishers to drive customer calls to advertisers. Customers who respond to Pay Per Call ads and call the unique numbers are of high value to advertisers, since they are genuinely interested, potential customers. Each advertiser will specify the minimum length of time that makes the call a qualified lead, and each qualified lead yields an agreed-upon payment amount to the publisher. Advertisers grow their leads, while publishers get paid for sharing relevant partner ads with their audience.

Pay Per Call uses both unique and dynamic source tracking numbers. Unique tracking numbers are the phone numbers that are specially created for that specific business. It gives us the ability to show advertiser and publisher partners clear tracking reports of how an ad is performing. The generated calls from different unique numbers allows for better analytics and improvements to different campaigns. For online Pay Per Call ads, unique code is attached to websites to track calls from online sources, as well as to provide insight into data such as keyword search leading to the online point of connection.

Pay Per Call opens up many channels for advertisers. Depending on the service or product that the advertiser is promoting, OctaneAds will consider a variety of different online and offline options that would work best. This can include print advertising, paid mobile ads, radio commercials, paid search, and email campaigns, to name a few. The diversity of available channels means advertisers can test and compare the effectiveness of time of day, geographical location, and many other factors to see which sources their leads are responding to the most.


Whether your traffic is Mobile Or Desktop - we have advertisers in all GEO's, all Verticals and all Devices.
There will always be an optimally bidded advertiser ready to accept your traffic. Wider coverage means better and more consistent ROI.

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Optimizing for Highest Bids.

We not only work with direct advertisers but also have extensive experience in providing the highest bids on any given vertical at all times. match our feed to other cpc networks and you will find our bids consistently outperform.

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On Time Payments

We've been in the game for many years. We know the value of trust, consistency and transparency. We work hard to maintain those standards by paying on time everytime.

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Widest Coverage

Whether your traffic is Mobile Or Desktop - we have advertisers in all GEO's, all Verticals and all Devices. There will always be an optimally bidded advertiser ready to accept your traffic.